It is simpleJust follow the steps below


Tell about your project

Write us a mail with all details about your project and how you want to use our music. The most important information is:

- kind of project (trailer, spot, etc.)
- media (theaters, TV, etc.)
- territories
- track timing (in seconds)

Contact info is here.

Get a quote for music

We analyze your request and give you a quote to license the track/tracks.

If the quote seems too high for you, we are always ready to discuss and meet halfway (within reasonable limits, of course).

Complete the agreement

If you're good with our quote we prepare an agreement/invoice for you (or you send us your own licensing contract if you want), you review it, sign it and the deal is complete.

Your project has cleared music!


To search the music in our library, you can send a registration request in our client area. Please describe who are you and why you need our music — we approve only client’s requests.

Music search

Introduce yourself

Write us a mail about yourself to and attach links to your music. Pick the best 3-5 works to show the whole spectre of your skills.

Please, send us only music closed to what we do. We're doing only music for trailers.

Make a track by the brief

If we like your music, we contact to tell you our conditions. If the conditions suit you, we propose to make one track for the closest of the albums we are working on at the moment.

That's the easiest way to understand how well we work together.

See you on board!

If you did a great first track, we open you to information about our upcoming releases and you can choose any of them to work on.

All albums will be supported by detailed briefs with references and deadlines, so you will able to plan your schedule.

ATTENTION: if you’re an artist and make songs, dance music, or any other type of non-trailer stuff — please, don’t send us your works to «push it into trailers». We’re not a music label taking artists and promoting them. We are a production library specializing in creating original trailer content. Keep it in mind.