It is simpleJust follow the steps below


1. Tell about your project

Please write us an email including all the details about your project and how you intend to use our music. The following information is particularly important:

- Type of project (trailer, commercial, etc.)
- Media platform (theaters, TV, online, etc.)
- Territories
- Length of the track required (in seconds)

2. Get a quote for music

We will review your request and provide you with a quote for licensing the requested track/tracks.

If the quote appears to be too high, we are open to negotiation and finding a compromise that works for both parties (within reasonable limits).

3. Complete agreement

If our quote is acceptable to you, we will prepare an agreement/invoice for you. Alternatively, if you prefer to use your own licensing contract, please send it to us. Once the agreement is finalized and signed by both parties, the deal will be complete.

Your project has been approved for the use of our music!

To download music from our library, please send a registration request through our client area. Kindly provide information about yourself and the reason why you need our music. Note that we only approve requests from verified clients.

Music search

1. Introduce yourself

Send us an email to and tell us about yourself. Also, please attach links to your music. Choose your 3-5 best works to show us your skills spectrum.

Please send us music that fits what we do. We only make music for trailers.

2. Create a track based on the brief

If we're interested in your music, we'll reach out with our terms. If they work for you, we may invite you to collaborate on a track for one of our upcoming albums.

This lets us see how well we work together.

3. See you on board!

If you produce a great first track, we will share information about our upcoming releases with you, and you can choose any of them to work on.

Each album will be accompanied by a detailed brief with references and deadlines, allowing you to plan your schedule accordingly.

ATTENTION: we kindly request that artists who produce songs, dance music, or any other form of non-trailer content refrain from submitting their works to us with the expectation of being promoted in trailers. Our focus is on developing bespoke trailer material, rather than promoting individual artists or music labels. Thank you for understanding.